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Pretalog Starde


There may be a million ways to dye, but very few are ideal for African hair, particularly dreadlocks and afros. However, says Lebogang Morule, he launched Starde when he discovered a game-changer technology that substantially alters how African people colour their hair. Moreover, he feels it can be migrated to various hair types in the market on a global scale. Starde manufactures and sells hair dye in two main colours, explains Lebogang, namely red and the company’s biggest seller, black. The real differentiator though is the fact that these products are the most convenient to use in the market, as they utilise a spray technology. This, he adds, means no heat is required, nor any bowls or spoons to mix solutions with. It is the first permanent hair dye dispensed using a spray. Lebogang says that customers love the products, because they substantially reduce the time taken to colour afros and dreadlocks. Equally crucial is the fact that the products do not soil clothes, towels or pillows, or mark the skin. He says that Starde understands that customers don’t have all day to colour their hair, as they are busy people. This is why the Starde products are the easiest and quickest to apply, and they are specifically designed for afros and dreadlocks. He has set his next goal as that of increasing the colour range provided, as well as the number of entities the company supplies. He also hopes to introduce customer service centres where customers can interact with the brand and an academy to train hair stylists in the proper application of the products. This is not all – Lebogang has his sights set on the global market too, and is already working to create more awareness and exploring the registration of these products in various countries, including seeking FDA approval in the US.

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