Lere’s Shoe Shine

Web: http://www.shoeshine.co.za/

Email: lere@shoeshine.co.za

Tel: 072 422 1172

Lere’s Shoe Shine


Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came were the unforgettable words that introduced Cheers and its friendly staff and customers, but it is a phrase that might equally apply to Lere’s Shoe Shine Experience. The brainchild of Lere Mosieane, he says that he always aims to provide customers with a sense of comfort and a homely feel – basically an environment where everyone knows you and are happy to be visiting. Lere’s business is all about providing an exceptional shining service for shoes and accessories. He says that key customers include business travellers and corporate managers and employees – these are people that need to constantly look well-groomed and presentable. Understanding that there is more to crafting a business than merely the founder, Lere says that he has developed his business to be independent of him, because he understands that the second generation of entrepreneur has to prepare the ground for third generation, leaving them a legacy to build from. He is adamant that small enterprises are the future for SA’s unemployed youth, due to the low skill requirements of small enterprises. Our economy is integrated, after all, and we all need to work together to help each other prosper. By having a shoe shine at your corporate office you encourage excellence, promoting the principle to your employees as well, not to mention assisting an entrepreneur like myself to further develop their business. His goal is to expand his business further, preferably into transport nodes like airports and the Gautrain. He also hopes to add massage chairs as a new offering, partnered with the shoe shine. Lere suggests that if he can grow into the corporate, hospitality and events markets with this paired, it will be a short step from there to his ultimate ambition – turning the business into an African franchise.

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