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When does an aqua pump have nothing to do with water? When it’s an Aquapump, of course! Clifford Topper explains that although his company is named Aquapump, it actually provides niche products in specialist industries like mining and fuel transfer, transport and filtration. He says the company’s speciality is far removed from pumping water, focusing instead on everything from fuels, acids and toxic chemicals, to liquid petroleum gas, thermal and lubricating oils and viscous fluids. Whatever your pumping requirements, he adds, Aquapump can provider it, as the company supplies rotary vane pumps, air-operated diaphragm pumps, magnetic drive chemical pumps and even liquid ring vacuum pumps. It is also a specialist for pumps and flowmeters in mobile fuel transport applications. Clifford suggests that the business has a diverse range of customers across the industrial, mining, fuel, gas, chemical, refinery, processing and OEM sectors. Aquapump not only has many years’ experience in the fluid transfer industry, its range of pumps is able to solve problems across multiple different applications. He still has great ambitions for the business, however, one of which is to build a modern pump test facility and expand his workshop capacity. He also hopes to employ more technical people, sales people and administrative staff, launch a projects department and establish resellers or agents in major mining and industrial centres in South Africa. That is not the sum total of his ambitions either – he says that since growth in many African countries is far higher than in South Africa, he is now seeking the right channels to facilitate sales of Aquapump products into other African countries.

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