Prime Circle


It takes a lot more than a mere ‘Hello, Hello’ to become a renowned rock band, as popular South African rockers Prime Circle well know. According to Marco Gomes, the band’s bass player, what started as just another band has now become a business where the group manages itself full-time. Marco says that although the principle of ‘if you do what you love for a living, you will never work a day in your life’ is a good one, it isn’t quite that simple. Nonetheless, he says, the music is what drives the band, as they are musicians, which is where their real skill and talent lies. The business, on the other hand, is what has to be done to get to playing the music they want to play, where, when and how they want to play it. Prime Circle Musical Rocks is the business that is involved in the logistics, venues, marketing, calendar planning, sponsorships, accounting and legal issues that need to be resolved before the music begins. Marco explains that while the band loves its local fans, in order to grow it needs to begin exploring International markets too. It is the only way for the business to remain sustainable and allow Prime Circle to keep funding the production of locally produced and inspired music, he says. For this reason, the band would love to be able to fund a serious international touring and marketing campaign, as a means to grow its fan base and its ‘pull’ as a band. He suggests that Prime Circle’s ethos has always been to let the music talk for itself, and he believes it does that effectively. However, in a global market where they are competing with so many others, one has to aggressively attack the market. Only once the market knows what to listen out for can the music can stand its ground.

On-air Interview