St Georges Fine Foods


Adam Catzavelos is a guy who likes to get very saucy when it comes to how he operates his business. This is not because what he does is rude in any way, but because St Georges Fine Foods is recognised as a manufacturer of world-class bastings, marinades, sauces and dressings. Adam explains that his father was in the restaurant industry for many years, being the first in Johannesburg to baste his steaks. After he left the industry, he discovered there was still a demand for his basting. He adds his father launched this family-run business, which is small enough that he has the opportunity to get to know customers more intimately than he would in a large corporate. The company is also passionate, innovative and creative in everything it does and is a pioneer in its field, supplying most of the top steakhouses in SA and beyond its borders. While the business is recognised for its second-to-none service,quick turnaround time and ability to service restuarants, butcheries and meat packers, Adam says he would still like to invest in a larger premises and better equipment, as well as more automation of the business. He suggests that the ultimate goal is to be viewed as the best known brand in households and restaurants across SA, as well as being market leaders in the butchery and meat packing sectors. He wants to achieve a national footprint and increase on the company’s exports orders, not to mention that he would love a national retailer to take on his brand as their primary choice.

On-air Interview