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Everyone has their own unique social media style, so why shouldn’t your social media interface reflect your personality and quirks? That was the question Jacques Blom, founder of iStyla, asked himself when confronted by one of the infamous online scams offering a free ‘pink Facebook’ interface. He decided that not only would it be possible to change the background and the text colour of Facebook, but that he could do it better and without scamming people either.He describes iStyla as a combination of a browser plug-in and a 'theme store'. This combination allows users to change the look and design of Facebook to just about anything. More crucially, he adds, it is 100% legal, as the design changes occur on the user’s browser. He believes that iStyla will be a hit with the social media generation, at it allows users to completely customise their landing pages with designs that are fresh and new.Asked what he considers his business differentiator, Jacques says that while there are other Facebook colour changers on the market, none of these have a theme store. Not only does iStyla offer this service, it also enables the user to share their themes and see friends' themes. Basically, he says, his business makes the Facebook theme experience that much more social, in keeping with the ultimate aim of the site. Jacques adds that iStyla holds enormous potential, as the solution is closely combined with Facebook, and people tend to share things on Facebook. In other words, online advertising can reach a broad market. He plans to grow the business organically, but is not remaining static himself, as he is also busy developing newer version of the product – namely iStyla Pro and iStyla Corporate.

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