Studio 05 House of Fashion


While the clothes may make the man, the question is: who makes the clothes? This is where Cecilia Mungofa’s Studio 05 School of Fashion comes in – it is an institution created to encourage and nurture the development of emerging fashion designers. Moreover, it aims to equip these designers with entrepreneurial skills to survive and grow in an ever evolving industry.According to Cecilia, the school’s wide range of courses and its unique education model will equip students with both the necessary skills and the qualifications to pursue a career in the fields of fashion design; clothing production; business and brand management; fashion buying and merchandising; trend analysis; fashion styling; product and brand development; fashion Entrepreneurship; computer aided design; and pattern construction.Cecilia has, over the past thirty years, worked with some of SA’s top fashion houses, including Lunar Clothing, Anne Gilmore Couture and Andre Croucamp Couture. She is not only a seasoned key designer in couture, she also runs the successful modern African clothing range, ‘Rungano’. This has given her the background to follow through on her other strong belief – that education for the youth is vital, as they will be the ones to create new trends and improve the effectiveness of fashion design. She always encourages her students to venture beyond conventional thinking and be innovative.Her goal is to position Studio 05 School of Fashion as one of the top three fashion institutions in the country. She also aims to develop Studio 05’s ‘The Designer Solution’ incubator, as this will provide hands-on practical and direct socio-economic intervention to the needs of fashion designers, building a strong pool of graduates within the industry.

On-air Interview