Eco Smart Group


In today’s throwaway culture, going green is not just smart, it’s Eco Smart! Lise Kuhle, owner of the Eco Smart Group says that she believes firmly in the principles of recycling, which is why Eco Smart makes commercially viable and good looking products out of recycled and upcyled materials. The products her business creates range from geyser blankets made from upcycled PI chip and peanut packet waste, to recycling and rubbish bins, dog beds, hotel amenities – such as slippers and laundry bags – and shopping and conference bags that can be used as promotional items.Lise says that in her business, it is important to be able to think out of the box and look for the simplest and cleanest solution or process. She also places great emphasis on building strong relationships with her team, clients, suppliers and people within the industry.Even though this is a green initiative, she explains, it is one that offers substantial job creation opportunities and is one in which Eco Smart competes on price. This means that even those people who are not particularly interested in the environment are able to obtain something of the same standard as the original, but at a lesser cost.Her dream is to be able to run a franchise model for parts of the business, particularly within the less privileged communities. In this way, she adds, Eco Smart can make a profit as a business while providing a win-win scenario that encompasses job creation, eco-friendliness and good value for the consumer.

On-air Interview