No company worth its salt ever wants to be associated with ‘gravy train riders’, but eliminating fraud and corruption from a business is not always as easy in practice as it is in theory. However, Erna Penning, managing director of iPAC, says that this can be achieved by using a specialist in integrity assessments and the mitigation of human risk in companies. She says that iPAC takes a proactive approach to curbing fraud and eliminating corruption, assisting clients to select candidates with integrity, intelligence and the appropriate competencies for the position. This is done using iPAC’s predictive tool to identify possible future behavior based on past behavior, verifications and if need be, psychometry. With some 23 years experience in this field, allied to an Honours degree in Social Science, it is no wonder Erna is not only passionate about the field, but understands that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work in this market. Instead, she explains, iPAC delivers a tailored solution to each individual client that include verification of all documentary information - credit and criminal record history, qualifications and drivers licence – as well as psychometric assessments that assess integrity, cognitive potential and personality within the work environment.Her ultimate goal for iPAC is simple: she aims to build it into the most successful and recognised professional background screening company in SA. This way, she adds, it will not only be a successful, sustainable and profitable business, but will also play a leading role in curbing fraud and corruption in the country.

On-air Interview