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Freq'ncy Audio and Freq'ncy Music


While it may seem that the hills may come alive to the sound of music, the reality is that the sound and music is usually added in, post production. And this is where Dave Harris’ business, Freq'ncy Audio and Freq'ncy Music comes into the picture. The company offers post production sound and music composition to clients producing commercials and content for television, radio or the Internet.Dave has been in the industry nearly 20 years, starting his career as a ‘runner’ working on set and slowly working his way up to where he is today, a business owner. He says the company works mainly for the major advertising agencies and production houses and its success is built on the fact that Fre’qncy understands what the clients want and offers it to them. If you get that right, says Dave, doing business is quite simple. Not only does the company have plenty of experience in the field and a strong reputation for high standards, but it has also won several local and international awards, adds Dave. However, its real success is built on its systems, which allow for better workflow and increased speed. In an industry that is intensely deadline driven, the ability to deliver accurately and on time is critical. Asked about the future, he indicates that he has launched studios in Cape Town and would thus like to grow the brand in the Western Cape region. This growth, he explains, will be a natural evolution of his company’s ability to be creative in servicing clients’ needs and of always being aware of and attuned to the industry and its different trends.

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