Fateema's Halaal Foods

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Fateema's Halaal Foods


While there are many participants in the fast food game, Fatima and Deanin Jadean are not amongst them – she says they are far too serious about their food to consider it a game! Fateema’s Halaal Foods provides delicious, nutritious and great value meals, with a home-cooked feel to them. Fatima says that with customers who are engaged across all sectors of the economy, her business plays a key role in keeping the economy running – after all, she adds, they come to us to be fed and we send them away filled, thoroughly satisfied and throbbing with new energy.She and her husband have always loved good food, especially 'take aways' and have always spoken of making it 'their way'. Today their shop provides a range of fast foods, curries, sandwiches, bunny chows and assorted other dishes, all done in the Jadeans’ own unique style. Fatima is not only a social butterfly who enjoys interacting with people, she also has a Culinary Course qualification from the SA Chefs Association.She suggests that her next goal is to grow the business to the point where they can open an additional four or five stores on a Fateema’s Express concept. She also hopes to be running one or two corporate canteens, delivering her own inimitable style of food. By doing all of this, adds Fatima, she will have the privilege of creating employment for a at least another 50-75 people.

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