Crime Scene Clean-up


While it is a truism that the criminals never return to the scene of the crime, it is an equally sad fact of life that relatives and loved ones often have to – something that can be particularly traumatic in the case of violent crime. However, thanks to the services of Crime Scene Clean-Up, run by Eileen de Jager and her sister Roelien, the stress involved can be significantly reduced. Eileen says that she had previously worked in the UK as a crime scene clean-up technician, and soon realised that despite the high crime rate, no similar such service existed in SA. Her company, thus, focuses on providing clean-up services for crime or trauma scenes, encompassing homicide, suicide, burglary, vehicle, industrial and accidental incidents. She points out that as crime and its attendant trauma is experienced by all communities in the country, she aims to expand her services to be able to reach everyone within an hour of receiving a call for help. Eileen also wants to educate the public on the hazards of cleaning up bio-hazardous waste without professional equipment. Asked how she can achieve this, she explains that only through strong community awareness can people be made aware of the service. For this reason, her mission is to have branches in all major metropolitan areas, providing the same level of support and service to South Africa as many nations in Western Europe already receive. Most critically, she adds, it is a service that needs to be delivered with care and tenderness, which is why she wants her company to be viewed by customers not as just another service, but as their friend in need.

On-air Interview