The Herbal Pet


Animals are a lot like people – they suffer from allergies, become stressed and can get hurt. Many people are also opposed to using laboratory developed chemicals to resolve these issues, so why should animals be any different. According to Beryl Shuttleworth, there is no difference, which is why she founded her business, The Herbal Pet, on providing natural remedies for horses, dogs and cats.Beginning with The Herbal Horse, which provides natural supplements for horses, including calm mix (a kind of anti-depressant) and mare mix (for horsey PMS), she has since moved on to developing similar products for cats and dogs, including the new allergy formula, which has actually replaced cortisone treatment in some dogs and cats.Beryl uses her long experience working in the pharmaceutical industry and for the Horse Racing Authority and combines it with an almost obsessive interest in the biochemistry of natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals. This, she says, has enabled her to solve problems for her clients that include arthritis in dogs and weak hooves in horses –easily, naturally and at a reasonable price.Her real differentiator, she adds, is that she has developed close personal relationships with her customers, by having daily conversations with the people who use the products. She now aims to translate this into growth that can be successful in many other countries, although she is well aware that she still needs to overcome the hugely confusing legal requirements for exporting her products to the EU and the US.

On-air Interview