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Every good business knows that keeping the customer happy is tantamount to success, but understanding the customer in order to ensure their happiness is where many organisations fail. Which is why Trent Rossini founded InQuba, a business focused specifically on providing products and services aimed at converting the mass market to advocates of InQuba’s customers’ brands.InQuba appreciates the shifting dynamic of the challenges of customer engagement, says Trent, and we have designed our business from the outset to focus on the customer experience. We achieve this through a deep understanding many customer-centric themes and disciplines. These include Customer Experience Management, Voice of the Customer, Customer Experience Enablement, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Marketing Management, and Social Media. Having been involved in customer engagement, systems and operations for some 23 years, Trent claims to have played many roles and had much exposure to large systems implementations. This, he says, means he has experience across the board, from the conceptualisation of various businesses, through to the subsequent execution of the business plans.InQuba’s instinctive understanding of the customer and the customer’s relationship to a business means that the next step for the business is to cement its position in the local market as the leading customer experience management company. Trent adds that he is also actively looking to build on the success the company has enjoyed across Africa. Ultimately, he wants InQuba to serve as an inspiration for educated young Africans, serving as a showcase of great capability that can be found in this country.

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