Scully Scooters


Lynne Scullard has a dream – one in which South Africans embrace the freedom, cost efficiency and environmental benefits of using scooters, rather than motor cars. Her motorcycle training company, Scully Scooters, runs a range of programmes designed to encourage people and companies to make use of these freewheeling vehicles, while at the same time reducing the ridiculously high number of road accidents in the country.Lynne says that her four main programmes include: ‘Get SA Moving’, which offers beginner and on road training for individuals, as well as a package that includes everything from training to the bike itself that the user may require. ‘Get Wheels, Get Work’ is a small business development programme that teaches how to run a small business on a bike and is aimed at corporate CSI and government job creation initiatives.She adds that there is also ‘Tuta, Computa and Scoota’, an initiative in conjunction with a large banking group, whereby students obtain a student loan, along with a scooter and a computer. Finally, there is the ‘Scooter Commuter’ programme, which aims to get corporates to assist their staff in to getting to work cheaper and faster. Having ridden her first bike at the age of 13, Lynne believes that two wheel vehicles hold the answer in an energy constrained future. She says that the mind-set around scooters is changing quickly in South Africa, so in the near future she hopes to have at least 15 Scully Scooter Schools nationally.

On-air Interview