Crunching the numbers is something that all scientists and engineers inevitably have to do. However, the technical intricacies of these fields today often require a super computer to obtain the answers required – and super computers do not come cheap. Which is why Renier Dreyer’s CrunchYard is a breath of fresh air in this regard.CrunchYard provides an engineering simulation service over the internet on a pay-per-use basis, offering engineers easy access to Super Computing facilities at a cost effective rate of just R3.50 per CPU, per hour. Renier says that anyone from scientists and engineers to university students, small consulting companies and even large multinationals can make use of the facilities. He points out that CrunchYard is also applicable to industries as diverse as geophysics, electromagnetism and chemistry.Bringing his vast experience in the simulation industry - Renier worked at Poynting Antennas, simulating antennas for aircraft like the Rooivalk – and his background in electrical engineering and computational electromagnetic to his company, he says he really understands what the pain points are of those clients requiring number crunching.By removing the cost of purchasing the computers and hiring a highly technical person to run the hardware, not to mention the electricity costs he takes this hassle away from the client, leaving them free to focus on solving their problem as quickly and easily as possible.His ambitions for the business are not small either – he wants CrunchYard to be the dominant Super Computing service provider worldwide, as he wants to change the way engineering is done and provide the tools for engineers and scientists to build a better world.

On-air Interview