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The last thing any trailer manufacturer or fleet operator wants is for the wheels to come off, since in their case it would happen literally, rather than figuratively. Keeping the wheels on requires high quality axles and suspensions, which is exactly what Omar Essop’s business, TSE Big Max, provides.The company manufactures these and other truck and trailer components, targeting trailer builders and repair shops and fleet operators that manage large numbers of articulated trailers. Omar says that what sets him apart is his clear belief – learned through many years in this industry – that service is of paramount importance. He believes that when quality service is allied with strong technical competence, honesty and fair prices, you have a winning combination. The other major differentiator for TSE Big Max is the fact that Omar insists on supporting local foundries and steel merchants first, before looking to source from oversees. His goal is to obtain the satisfaction of producing most of the company’s components in-house. He also wants to convince the Industry that buying right is the best way to save money. Moreover, he adds, buying from a business that sources locally helps to safeguard local jobs, and job creation and retention is one of Omar’s major goals.

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