Action Cameras


Skydiving, bungee jumping, off-road biking and scuba diving all have one thing in common – the thrill of the adrenaline rush. But how does one remember the event with an action packed photo, since cameras are surely not built to endure these extreme sports? Warrick Kernes, the owner of Action Cameras, would certainly disagree there.He says that his company has been the country’s leading specialist in helmet cameras for extreme sports for some time. The cameras are ruggedized little devices designed to be mounted helmets, the wing of an aircraft, scuba divers’ gear or any other areas where an adrenalin junkie would like to put it.Warrick has previous experience in this field, having worked in a similar business in the UK for two years, prior to returning to SA and putting his knowledge and skills to use and leveraging the network he had already developed. He points out that his business differentiates itself by having people that can answer any questions that a customer may have around the cameras. At the same time it offers good prices, free delivery and most importantly, it always has stock available.His main aim now is to continue to grow the Action Cameras range of products and offerings, as part of a more aggressive overall growth strategy. Warrick plans to build the company into a premier destination for online shopping in the segment of sporting technologies. If his strategy is as rugged as his cameras, the rest of the market better watch out!

On-air Interview