DIY enthusiasts thrill to the mere thought of the tools required to perform a particular job, but when it comes to purchasing these, most wooden go further than the nearest major hardware depot. The trouble with this, says Gareth Williams, owner of Tools4Wood, is that hardware stores tend to only carry a small sample of the huge range of woodworking products available, and buying the wrong thing can really make you feel like a plank. Realising there was a niche to be exploited here, he launched his company as a specialist online Web store, supplying a large range of woodworking tools to the DIY market. In addition, he explains, woodworking can be quite complex for the novice, which is why Tools4Wood also supplies woodworking articles. These are aimed at enticing people to take up woodworking, as well as providing practical advice and information to those already practicing this hobby. With customers that range from individual DIY enthusiasts to small factories and micro businesses, Tools4Wood has also begun supplying products to other SADC countries, which Gareth predicts will be a future area of growth. And as a specialist store, the company can offer expert help and advice prior to purchase, as well as service and repairs after the fact. As a Web-based business, the company is also extremely scalable, and adding a new range of products to the store is a simple matter. Moreover, he has put a lot of effort into negotiating good discounts from suppliers, which means he can pass additional savings on to his customers. So what does the future hold for Tools4Wood? Gareth says that because he does have clients who prefer to do business face-to-face, his next project will be the opening of a physical store. This will no doubt really put the varnish on his business.

On-air Interview