MDS Collivery


Sometimes, the delivery or collection requirements of a customer simply do not click with the service offered by the courier company. This is why Hugh Randall launched his business, MDS Collivery. For him, it is all about clicking – clicking once on your mouse in order to obtain a fast and cost effective countrywide solution for all your collection or delivery requirements.Inspired to start his company by a boss who made him promise that he would never work for anyone else, ever again, Hugh says that the impact of the Internet is creating huge opportunities, which is why MDS is described as the ‘One Click Courier Company’.He maintains that MDS is at the leading edge of the online revolution, and that the company’s fully automated Web-based systems - and the people who build, maintain and use them – are keeping it there. Of course, he adds, the fact that the service provided is quick, inexpensive and convenient to use, certainly helps.While MDS Holdings consists of four different businesses, of which MDS Collivery is only one – the others being MDS VisaPak, an award-winning visa acquisition company; Messenger & Delivery Services, a same-day messenger service; and MDS Technologies, which offers Web-based business solutions – Hugh explains that his current focus remains on growing the Collivery division further.This is despite its growth of over 50% per annum over the last three years. The reason he wants to continue expanding, he adds, is because this will enable job creation, meaning he can do his bit for employment situation in SA.

On-air Interview