Shield Technologies


Welding is a difficult enough task to perform effectively without having to worry about spatter, which has to be properly cleaned from the welded metal before painting or galvanising can be completed. Using his extensive experience at Afrox and Arcelor Mittal, Wayne Holt has developed a way to make cleaning welding spatter that much easier.Shield Technologies offers a weld spatter release product that is non-hazardous, more effective and generally less expensive than others of its type. This saves clients both time and money, while helping to improve the quality of the finished product, says Wayne, adding that Shield also provides gas saving equipment that reduces welding gas consumption by up to 90%.He says that while the experience and training he gained as a welding specialist at Afrox as a key account manager on the steel commodities market at Arcelor Mittal has stood him in good stead, running a business like Shield requires more than that.Wayne says that it takes time to build a level of trust with customers in regards to both the product and the company. To help lay this foundation, his mantra is to under-promise and over-deliver, and to ensure he never ever lets a client down.He believes he has mostly succeeded in this drive, since the company now has distributors in all provinces and has also successfully entered the export market, starting with the SADC regions. Despite this accomplishment, he is already focusing on developing a business strategy to take the company to the next level.

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