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Infection protection Products (pty) Ltd


Cleanliness is next to godliness, so the saying goes, but keeping ones hands clean and hygienic in public places can test even the most religious of us. In order to ensure that hygiene is not something we are left praying for in public restrooms, Annette Devenish launched her company, Infection Protection Products.Offering hygiene solutions for use in public places, including sanitising trolley wipes for retail stores, wall mounted dispensers and consumables for washrooms, and even classroom solutions for schools with no running water, the company’s range of Sanitouch products is designed to keep hands clean and sanitised, wherever you are.Despite having no formal chemistry training, Annette has been involved in developing fluid formulas for many years and claims to know the hygiene market very well, particularly when it comes to sanitisers, what goes into them and what works and what doesn’t.She says that despite not being as large as some of the competitors, her business has held firmly to its ethics – this means avoiding kickbacks, rebates and incentives. Her goal is to make this type of hygiene accessible to all, by offering holistic solutions, rather than simple products. The ultimate goal is to have an instantly recognisable brand in Sanitouch, which can be found in schools and shopping centres nationwide. Most crucially, adds Annette, a strong brand will enable the business to do more aid work in communities where there is a need for hygiene.

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