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Tracer and CQM Software International (Pty) Ltd


With the growing number of mobile workers today, it is becoming difficult for companies to ensure effective management and information transfer between the head office and the remote employees. Cobus van Graan, CEO of Tracer and CQM Software International, thrives on overcoming such challenges, hence the company’s development of Tracer MW.A cloud-based platform that is designed to optimise the productivity, management and information flow between a company and its people, wherever in the world they may be,Tracer MW is a mobi, Web and Outlook integrated solution. Its strength, says Cobus, lies in the simplicity of the application for the user to enter data, while giving the manager access to live and highly customisable reports.He has been involved in developing software with his partner, Lourens, since 2000. Cobus says the two partners complement one another – he brings skills like the ability to identify the needs of the market and meet these with software that is simple, easy and practical for the user to use. Lourens, on the other hand, is a business analyst who can interpret these ideas and spec them accordingly for development. Cobus says that Tracer MW is ideal for any size organisation that has some level of remote workers. The solution fills the gap between the company systems and the mobile user, effectively integrating data and communication to and from the field.Of course, adds Cobus, technology is ever changing, so it is vitally important that the business continues to add modules that are specific to the needs of mobile users. By considering adding a GPS tracking module, project management and an e-learning capability, he hopes to achieve their vision of becoming a truly international company, with users in Africa, America and Europe and resellers based in both the US and Europe.

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