Some people may be lucky enough to have an uncle in the furniture business, but for the rest of us, obtaining modern, high quality household fixtures at an affordable price can be quite difficult. At least, that was the case before the advent of FAB Furniture, a retail chain supplying designer furniture at a reasonable cost to the man in the street. Founded by Kenan Germaner some five years ago, FAB Furniture manufactures its own upholstered products, thereby ensuring quality control, consistent chain of supply and speedy and efficient delivery. While the business does not sell appliances, Kenan says he strives to make it a one-stop shop for all household furniture. He says that he has polished his entrepreneurial skills over time and through experience, and claims that he possesses the three key attributes of any successful entrepreneur: common sense, determination and self-discipline. The company differentiates itself by offering customers the best overall value, explains Kenan, which may not be the lowest price, but is certainly the best quality for the price, pound for pound. Moreover, he believes in breaking the mould of furniture retail service, by always being friendly, informative and enthusiastic. His next goal, he says, is to qualify as a national retailer, trading from every province. He also plans to franchise the brand and is aiming for 20 owner-operated retail outlets, while also owning his own factory premises.

On-air Interview