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Shine On Polish cc


While elbow grease helps you to get your work done more quickly, when it comes to really brightening up your day, a good old-fashioned polish is hard to beat. This is where Shine On Polish comes to the fore, as manufacturers of quality polishes for floors, furniture, shoes and even tyres. The company also sells a number of cleaning chemicals, including dishwashing liquid and washing powders. Akeel Khan says that he started his career at the company working during the school holidays, but it wasn’t long before he joined the family business on a full time basis. He has since worked his way up through manufacturing, packaging and the admin department. He is now the General Manager. He believes that his most critical skill in his foresightedness, for which he thanks his father, who taught him how vital it is to always be several steps ahead. Akeel adds that his business philosophy is built on providing quality service and products and that he does not believe in taking shortcuts. His business will always go the extra mile to keep customers happy.Building on this business philosophy, he says that he aims to capture additional market share for the company as it grows, with the ultimate goal of becoming a renowned brand within the market. I want Shine On Polish to be a success at the end of the day, he explains, because if Shine On polish grows, there will be more jobs being created, and therefore less unemployment.

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