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While, so the saying goes, the farmer makes hay while the sun shines, Alastair Armstrong has gone one better with his business, AM Solar, which makes money while the sun shines! Alastair says that he is passionate about the environment and had tried many aspects of the ‘Green Business’ industry, before realising that the solar photovoltaic (PV) industry offered the highest business potential. AM Solar’s PV energy systems are commercial and industrial roof-top, grid-tied, feed-in systems. Alastair explains that feed-in systems have the ability to feed excess power back into the national grid, allowing companies to turn their meters backwards. In addition to the PV systems, AM Solar also does battery-based off-grid and grid-tied systems. These are, he adds, all systems that supply electrical energy derived from the sun in the form of clean, renewable energy. His company targets the residential, commercial and industrial markets, ideally businesses that operate from 8am to 5pm and then consume very little energy during the night. However, any business or operation that consumes electricity will benefit from his products and services, he says. He believes that the company’s full service offering and the pride it takes in its extremely high quality of workmanship, its attention to detail and its client service, coupled with its obvious passion for the business, remain its key differentiators. Alastair is excited about his business, because he predicts that the local market is about to open up in a similar fashion to the manner in which the international solar PV market has. This, he maintains, will enable AM Solar to position itself as the leading solar PV energy provider in Gauteng, and one of the three largest in the country.

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