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To operate a successful entrepreneurial business, one requires all the right ingredients, so it is no wonder that John Bothma and his company, Barex Agencies, are doing so well – ingredients is what the business is all about!Barex Agencies operates in the food manufacturing industry, producing ice-cream ingredients and equipment, gluten-free, diabetic and anti-allergenic foods, as well as exotic smoothie and yoghurt mixes which have nutraceutical benefits. The company also manufactures fortified porridges, drinks and soups, which are sold to many aid organisations. John is now also moving into manufacturing conventional bakery concentrates and improvers. He says that he has been in the food manufacturing industry for 51 years, starting as a works chemist for Schweppes and rising through the ranks at a variety of food companies, thereby gaining an extensive knowledge of all food manufacturing operations. With customers that include bakeries, flour mills, bakery premix manufacturers, beverage manufacturers and re-packagers for retail trade, he adds that his differentiator lies in giving customers a complete package that includes formulations, process technology and quality raw materials, all at a reasonable price.His company may be small now – with a total of six employees – but this is just the start, and his goal is to develop a growing and successful BEE company, thus enabling him to put something back into an industry that he describes as having been his passion for many years.

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