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The world has become more environmentally conscious, meaning that creating unnecessary garbage a major issue. When one considers the vast amount of packaging used to transport goods, having a company like dW Logistics around is extremely ecologically friendly. Patrick de Wet says he founded dW Logistics as a way of creating a green alternative for companies packaging needs. The business collects packaging used to get products to market and refurbishes it so that it can be used again. Patrick has been involved with the technical aspects of corrugated packaging his entire career, so it was a logical step for him to build an innovative business that not only saves its customers money, but also creates jobs while saving trees and cut down on energy use and carbon footprints, since the recycled material does not have to be transported to paper mills. As someone who is very passionate about the environment, he believes that the market for his offering is huge, as South Africa uses around 3.5 million tons of packaging annually. Moreover, he says, the industry accepts recycling as the only green option at the moment.His goal is to have operations running in all the major centres in the country, although his aims are more noble than merely making a good profit – Patrick says that he wants to be able to say that his business has made a difference to society both in the present and for his children, who will be able to live in a country where the environment has been kept sound.

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