MTI Technologies


IT support is one of those must-haves in today’s connected information age. However, there is a perception that the people providing it can be dour and cynical. Therefore, MTI Technologies serves as a breath of fresh air in the industry, with owner Sean Venter translating his love of IT and technology into an enthusiasm that makes customers excited about their IT support.Having worked in the IT industry for over 15 years, Sean has done everything from user and telephonic support to IT training and network installations, therefore he knows that being able to offer comprehensive support is key to his entrepreneurial success.While MTI offers IT Support, IT Maintenance and IT Supply as part of its business model, Sean is particularly excited about his company’s real market differentiator, a live support app that he is in the process of launching. When this is coupled with the quick and efficient service at a reasonable price that his business offers, he says his clients get a level of service that no other company can offer.As an entrepreneurial start-up, Sean has modest initial goals for MTI – namely financial, emotional and client satisfaction. He says that he wants to know that when he goes sleep, it will be soundly, in the knowledge that his clients are all satisfied.

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