PGS Heritage and Grave Relocation Consultants


Wouter Fourie, of PGS Heritage and Grave Relocation Consultants, certainly has one of the stranger jobs on record. While grave relocation is no laughing matter, Wouter provides a vital service to large companies such as mines, as their operations sometimes require the relocation of graves or even cemeteries. He says that the grave relocation side – which also handles rescue excavations where human remains are inadvertently uncovered during construction activities – is only one aspect of the business. It also provides heritage impact assessments, archaeological impact assessments, archaeological excavations, historical research and architectural evaluation. With a background in archaeology and prior working experience in the environmental field within the mining sector, Wouter certainly has the knowledge to tackle these delicate tasks. He says that while customers for grave relocation projects are mostly based in the private sector, such as the large mining houses, the largest portion of the heritage income is from environmental consultants that sub-contract work to his company for development projects. Asked what his ultimate ambitions are for his company, Wouter says that he wants it to be the number one services provider in its field. He would also like it to be seen as the company that new graduates want to work for in order to gain experience in the industry. Finally, he hopes to obtain a foothold in those other African countries where PGS’ services are definitely needed. To reach these goals, Wouter says he requires assistance in developing a better management framework for the business, as well as a structured marketing strategy. He adds that the final bit of help he needs is the bugbear of most small businesses, namely he requires additional financial help in order to ensure he has a stable cash flow.

On-air Interview