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Pink Floyd’s seminal album, ‘The Wall’, may have proven to be a record-breaker, but no-one knows walls quite as well as Silvio Ferraris, owner of ReMaCon Products, a company that provides a wide range of concrete retaining wall blocks (CRB) in a variety of textures and colours. Tired of being an employee, Silvio developed a niche product, utilising his 24 years of experience in the industry and his knowledge of the players and market to launch his business. Having partnered with friends for funding, they bought industrial land and equipment, built the factory themselves and then proceeded to obtain a licence for another product range. Thanks to this, today he has the lion’s share of this market in Gauteng. He supplies product mainly to specialist retaining block installation contractors, as well as to landscapers, home owners - directly or via nurseries - and selected builder merchants that do limited product distribution. The company is also contracted by consulting engineering firms to attend to the specialised retaining block wall designs for specific projects. The company, he adds, has developed and is in the process of launching new innovative products into new markets. It has also been the first to receive the SABS mark for CRB production. Furthermore, he points out, he is adding innovative products targeting new markets, including mines, dry bulk warehousing, ports, the recycling industry, the chemical and fertiliser market, the security industry and the agriculture sector. While the company is well established in Gauteng, he dreams of making the business a national one. This, he says, can be achieved through better marketing increased finance and new manufacturing facilities. He is intensely proud of how well his little business punches above its weight, saying that it is a low technology, labour-intensive business that is competing against high-tech competitors, and doing so extremely successfully.

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