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The concept of e-learning is not a new one, but South Africa’s ongoing bandwidth constraints had so far relegated it to the realm of wishful thinking – that is, until Linda Ravenhill and VideoLive came on the scene. She has created a process which enables the company to stream video and audio in extremely low bandwidth conditions, such as those experienced here in SA and elsewhere in Africa. The business model uses this technology to deliver a series of e-learning platforms, principally aimed at the continued adult education market. These platforms are focused on healthcare, finance and professional services. Linda, who is an ICU nurse by profession, was introduced to one of the very first Websites in SA in 1996 and says it was love at first sight. She adds that this passion has led to the development of VideoLive, which now offers an end-to-end service that includes the management of projects, the filming of events, seminars and other educational procedures and - if required - a full strategic analysis and recommendations service, as well as assistance in content development. Her ultimate goal is to have a comprehensive presence throughout Africa, as well as the brand recognition and the reputation as the market leader in video/audio e-learning delivery platforms across these regions and the healthcare, finance and professional services sectors. However, like many entrepreneurial endeavours, she requires assistance with funding, which will enable her to finalise certain R&D projects, as well as allow her to bring in sales people with the right skills sets. She says she also requires help in acquiring the right contacts for the business in Africa, while assistance with business strategy would also be welcomed.

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