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Mobile Trailer Solutions


Most experts believe that mobility is critical to the success of a business, and Alan Plank, of Mobile Cold Rooms, certainly agrees. However, where the experts talk mobility as in cell phones and applications, Alan instead talks about it in terms of providing a product that enables customers to run their own portable businesses. His company, which he runs in tandem with his wife, offers a unique range of mobile business trailer concepts; with eight different models, the majority of his customers purchase these trailers to start their own "micro businesses", either by renting them out to private functions and events or by using them as the means to start their own mobile kitchen or butchery. The beauty of the niche his business falls into, he adds, is that it has grown exponentially, and the more he sells, the more exposure he gets. He has even received requests to export his trailers into the UK and also into Africa, so the potential for growth, he believes, is still mostly untapped. Of course, since most of his clients purchase trailers to launch their own SME, capital remains a major challenge, so he has identified as a key goal moving forward, the ability for Mobile Cold Rooms to be able to assist this multitude of enthusiastic clients to raise the finance to buy his products. What is really exciting is that when he views the potential his business has for the future, he views it in terms of how – in these economically tough times - each sale he has made has created an additional SME. And with over 80 Mobile Trailers sold this year alone, it is clear he is doing his bit to grow entrepreneurship in the country.

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