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Cowboys Don't Cry Design Pty Ltd


While it is said that cowboys don’t cry, no-one knew whether the same holds true for motorcyclists, until Preston van Wyk launched his Cowboys Don’t Cry Designs company. Preston says that by specialising in the reengineering of jeans for the motorcycle industry, he has definitely put a smile on the face of those bikers that use his products. With 27 years experience as a fashion designer and clothes manufacturer, Preston has supplied major chain stores and also designed for personalities in the music and entertainment business. He says that his clothing designs are influenced by comics, sci-fi movies and other aspects of popular culture. This led to an interest in extreme sports, which is why he is doing what he is doing today.He says that his products are designed to provide sophistication, quality and value for money, while also performing well as protective wear and a lifestyle garment. Thanks to advances in technology, he can provide bikers with new choices that add value to their lifestyles. The company also offers a range of biking accessories.Preston points out that he is proudly South African and make proudly South African product. His policy is that if a client falls in one of his products, it will be replaced if they cannot repair it. This, he adds, gives customers a real sense of belief in the product.He wants to take this product range into the international arena, as he has already received a lot of interest from overseas. However, to do so successfully will require significant additional financial investment. However, says Preston, if he obtains this investment, his company has all the right ingredients in place to go and kick some international butt!

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